Birth Name: Gloria Josephine Mae Swenson 
Born: March 27, 1897, Chicago, IL 
Died: April 4, 1983 

Silent Screen Legend

loria Swanson, silent screen legend and epitome of early Hollywood glamour began her career at Chicago's Essanay Studios in 1913. Swanson married Wallace Beery, another Essanay performer, in 1916, and the pair moved to Hollywood. After appearing in a series of Mack Sennett's romantic comedies at Triangle, Swanson moved to Paramount, back to Triangle, and then back again to Paramount, where she reached stardom in the snappy, sophisticated bedroom farces of C.B. De Mille, MALE AND FEMALE was one of the more noted films they made.  
In 1927, with financial assistance from investor and lover Joseph P. Kennedy, she began producing her own films; these included the two features for which she received her first Oscar nominations, SADIE THOMPSON (1928) and THE TRESPASSER (1929). Her company ran into massive fiscal problems, however, due to director Erich von Stroheim's extravagant QUEEN KELLY (1929).  
Swanson retired from the screen in 1934 after having made an only moderately successful transition to sound films. She made numerous comebacks before her death in 1983, the most fruitful being her Oscar-nominated performance as a reclusive, aging silent screen star in Billy Wilder's SUNSET BOULEVARD. (1950).